Special Education


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FORMAT for Reading Response
Text Chapter(s) and/or Article Title
A very brief summary of what you understand as the main ideas of the articles/chapters. *You may synthesize multiple readings, or respond to them separately.
Respond to the main idea of the chapter/article/videos and synthesize:
Each response must have meaningful & relevant connections to the coursework.
Personal and/or professional experience.
Respond to the question, “How does this new information inform or guide your (future) work as a teacher working with young children with special needs and their families.
Develop a discussion question in connection with the reading, post question along with your reading response.
This format must be used for each chapter individually so each chapter should look like the example below:
Chapter 3:
Abstract: This chapter went over the process and information that goes into an Individualized intervention plan as well as the programs used to monitor the progress made under these plans. The main idea of this article to me at least was the part that went over individualized family service plans (IFSP). In this section they went into great detail on what IFSP are and how they are implemented. An IFSP is used for children anywhere from birth to 3 years old. It is a plan that looks at the concerns of the family for the child and helps provide resources that will allow for family directed intervention. Within these plans the families input is most important since the family is crucial to the success of these plans.
Synthesize: In order for an IFSP to occur there is a team put into place with trained individuals who can observe the progress of the child. There are annual reviews to the plan to be sure it is working properly so that the family has the resources needed for the plan. The way they go about assessing the child for these plans was quite interesting to me. In order to assess a child for an IFSP it is done in a setting that the child is in on a regular basis. These evaluations are done in the child’s natural setting to build trust between the child, his/her family and the person who is doing the evaluation. This is important because then you are able to assess the child’s growth. They develop short term and long term goals for the child and are in constant contact with the families of the child to make sure everyone is satisfied with the progress.
Personal/Professional Experience: I have never had experiences with an IFSP plan however I have had experiences with IEP’s. These two plans defer in the sense that an IFSP is family based while an IEP is child based. However, after reading about IFSP I believe that IEP’s should also allow for family involvement. A child spends a lot of time in school but even more time with his/her family and they play a huge role in the child’s academic progress as well in later years not just from birth to age 3. By allowing the family to be involved you can create better connections and see greater progress in the child’s development.
Future: I plan to become a special education teacher and so knowing about IFSP plans will allow me to participate in these meetings for my future students.
Discussion question: Do you think that if more parents knew about IFSP they would be more willing to be involved in their child’s special needs services and allow it to be provided to their children ?

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