Chapter 9 Outline Notes Instructions Instructions Upload a picture of your handw

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Chapter 9 Outline Notes
Upload a picture of your handwritten or a word/pdf of your typed notes.
Download reading —->>> /files/5040806/Chapter_9_Managed_Care_Impact(2).pdf
Review Your Assigned Reading List
Review your list of assigned readings and double-check to make sure you’re reading and taking notes from chapters that have been assigned.
Create An Outline
Before you start writing down your notes, skim the chapter or assigned pages. Be sure to read the introduction and the conclusion so you have an idea of the topics that will be covered.
As you skim through, write down the headings and subheadings, leaving plenty of room under each to write your notes. This will keep you organized and focused as you read and create your notes.
Always Start From The Beginning
Start from the beginning of the chapter/assigned pages. The beginning usually has information that you will need to understand more specific concepts later in the chapter.
Read One Section At A Time
Instead of reading the whole chapter at once, take it one section at a time. A section is a chunk of information, usually under a heading. Breaking your reading up into chunks makes it much easier to digest the information.
Use Your Memory To Start Your Notes
Once you have read a section, close your book and fill in the key points on the outline you made before you started. Working from memory will help make sure you paid attention to what you were reading and helps you recall the information later when studying.
Add Important Details
Open your book, skim the section again, and add any important information you missed when writing from memory. This helps make sure your notes are accurate.
Repeat For All Sections
Repeat this process for all of the sections in your assigned reading, until you have a complete set of notes. Take breaks between sections to help keep focused while reading.
Summarize the Reading
Write a few sentences at the end of your notes to summarize what the chapter was about.

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