Based on your individual desire to make a change in your lifestyle, you may choo

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Based on your individual desire to make a change in your lifestyle, you may choose this option. It requires that you determine what activity and what outcomes you would like to change (see page 7 of the Personal Continuous Improvement Work Book by Neuhauser, et al., for examples).
It requires that you complete this option with the same academic rigor as either of the other two Portfolio Project choices. However, it does offer you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of topics (e.g. lack of sufficient sleep, weight loss, exercise increase, smoking cessation, and so on, using the same tools, methodologies and data collection, analysis and conclusions for an individual “real-world” performance improvement). In this choice, you are both the team leader and the subject!
You will submit a paper that completely describes an abbreviated (seven week) Personal Improvement Project (PIP) using all of the relevant tools of quality management and performance improvement that have been covered in this course. This Portfolio choice is challenging as it requires considerable sustained effort on your part over the 8-week course schedule.
In writing this paper, you should consider and address (as necessary) the following:
Identify, compare, and contrast the environmental (system) factors that influence your individual performance.
Establish a baseline measurement, intended outcome(s), and a planned intervention using the PDSA cycle of process improvement as your primary methodological tool.
Collect and report systematic data using a reliable data collection tool over the course of your PIP and report this information using one or more data displays.
Identify, compare, and contrast the processes and techniques that can be used to investigate, monitor, and control this type of performance improvement now and in the future.
Identify, compare, and contrast the measures that can be used to assess the your performance improvement and provide an individual risk management plan that supports the gains that you may have achieved in your PIP (i.e. how will you maintain the identified outcomes as initially defined in your PIP).
Your paper should be well-written and meet the following requirements:
Eight to ten pages in length.
Include at least four to six references from the peer-reviewed articles. The CSU Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a good place to find peer-reviewed articles.
Conforms to APA g

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