Assignment Overview: This writing assignment requires you to provide a 1500-word

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Assignment Overview:
This writing assignment requires you to provide a 1500-word critical analysis on your choice of one or more of the topics provided below and based on a country in Africa (select only ONE country on which to base your essay) by reviewing and analyzing information derived from a minimum of 3 recent (2010 or later) journal articles on the topic (they must be articles that you find- do NOT use the articles provided in Module 5 & 6 readings). The articles that you use as your sources must be research articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals (i.e., they must qualify as ‘scholarly sources’) and cited in APA citation style. (See the course syllabus & Writing Resources & Tips for more information and guidance on locating research articles and identifying scholarly sources, and on APA citation format.)
Assignment Instructions:
Select a country located in Africa and identify, evaluate, and discuss how its geography has impacted one or more of the following:
1) Medical geography, i.e., public health, prevalence of diseases that are influenced by factors such as climate, e.g., malaria, water-borne diseases, other communicable/infectious diseases- please do not write about non-communicable diseases such as heart disease- the focus should be infectious diseases as these are greatly impacted by the environment/geography ;
3) Environmental degradation and or sustainability (may be related to topic #4);
4) Conservation initiatives & issues, protected areas, etc.- efforts & challenges, may include issues such as poaching, etc.
Remember: The topic(s) you chose to write about should be discussed/analyzed in the context of the African country that you have selected!
Instructions Revisited:
Write a 1500-WORD essay demonstrating critical thought and analysis of the topic provided above. You must cite a minimum of 3 scholarly sources (see above) and cite them in APA citation style using in-text citations throughout and including a list of references following your essay. Remember, you should demonstrate critical thinking- do more than merely summarize/regurgitate the information! The 1000 words should be your own words- avoid using direct quotes and DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! Check your Turnitin score- 25% and higher is unacceptable.
Please Note: writing assignment is NOT intended to be an opinion piece- it should be structured like a short research report. Be sure Include information from your sources (and don’t forget to use in-text citations throughout!) and well thought-out reasoning demonstrating that you have both completed required readings/viewed lectures & videos for the module topics and gained an understanding of these topics, and have critically analyzed the topic you chose and the information derived from your selected journal articles.
Please avoid using first person “I” and second person “we”, and do not include “filler language” such as “This essay will discuss…” and “Module 2 discusses the topic of…..”
Assignment Requirements & Formatting:
1. 1500 WORD minimum written in proper essay form (i.e., indented paragraphs; good organization; proper grammar & use of formal language; avoid using direct quotes & informal language including contractions & slang)
2. Cite a minimum of 3 scholarly sources (i.e., recent research articles published in peer-reviewed, academic journals) in APA citation style
2. Provide a list of references (i.e., a ‘References’ page following your essay body) & use in-text citations throughout your essay
3. Include a Document Heading, aligned to top left of page, including:
Your Full Name
Word Count
4. Include an Assignment Title (centered directly above essay body- your own title or assignment name)
5. New Times Roman, 12 pt. font
5. Double-spaced

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