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Assignment Content RESKS is an acronym for Research Skills; the ReSks project is

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Assignment Content
RESKS is an acronym for Research Skills; the ReSks project is supposed to be a mini research activity undertaken by students independently for which they investigate a skill or area of knowledge that we don’t cover in the program, but for which there is research sector demand or at least interest.
The assignment includes:
A presentation (a short summary at the beginning of the topic only, not a presentation) – a 2-minute summary of your experience and one thing you would want to share that was useful. Topic examples:
Taking advanced courses and reasoning why
(Theory of change training /Causal Logic /Adaptive Management Training / Monitoring and Evaluation Apprenticeship Trainee program ) this is a course I take during my previous work experience with USAID as a Monitoring and Evaluation / Grants Officer position.
Being current with research.
Why it’s important to do research.
Reflective paper 2-3 pages double spaced. Outlining what you learned in more detail, how you learned this, how it will help you in the research field and why it’s valuable. Your experience may come from the following places or experiences:
Research Assistant position (Part-time opportunity, or early placement)
The Global Systems Gap Challenge
Valuable conference
Networking opportunities (CRIC Career Fair or Informational Interview)
the course covered the below skills:
Numerical skills.
Attention to detail.
Analytical skills.
Organizational skills.
Suggestion topics to talk about or important for research analysis positions:
Critical thinking ability.
Logical reasoning ability.
The attached file is an assignment requirements file

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