Anne-Louis Girodet, Portrait of Jean-Baptise Belley, 1798 (left) Omar Diop, Je

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Anne-Louis Girodet, Portrait of Jean-Baptise Belley, 1798 (left)
Omar Diop, Jean-Baptiste Belley, 2014 (right)
Format: Times New Roman or Arial, 12pt, double-spaced. Include a photograph of the original work and your re-created version of it.
Length: 1000 (minimum) to 1250 words (maximum).
To look at and engage closely with a work of art
To gain an understanding of how it was made (i.e., the formal considerations that went into its making)
To gain an understanding of the historical context in which it was made
To reflect on our present-day relationship with objects of the past
To develop research skills (such as: using the library, citing sources, and creating a bibliography)
Select ONE (1) work of art that we have seen this term (either in lectures or in your textbook).
Research and write about your selected artwork to explain it in greater depth. This will help you understand and establish the contextual and historical aspects of the work. Use at least TWO (2) resources from the OCADU Library database, such as journal articles and/or e-books. You may use your textbook in addition to these library resources. Please note: In order to appropriately reference your research sources, you must include citations of your sources, either within your text or in the form of footnotes. See either the Chicago Manual of Style or MLA. (You also need a bibliography – see #5.)
Re-create the artwork and take a photo of your recreated version of it. Include your photograph in your report along with an image of the original work. Feel free to use anything that you have around the house (yourself, furniture, clothing, objects, family members, roommates, pets, whatever…). Take a look at these recreations of famous artworks for inspiration! “Getty challenge (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)”
Reflect on the process of re-creating the work; why you chose it; what you observed; and what you learned by replicating it. Discuss how the process might have enriched your understanding of the work in question. If you choose to deliberately modify the work, explain why, and how this might update or challenge the original meaning or intent of the work. As this assignment contains a reflective component, you may use the first-person when writing, but be sure to write well, and in full sentences and paragraphs.
Include a bibliography (or “works cited” list) of the academic sources you consulted and used in your paper. You may use any style of citation that you choose, as long as it is consistent.
Your selected image and photo of your re-created version
Introduction to your selected work, and why you chose it
Research/analysis of your selected work, explaining the circumstances of its creation/significant aspects of it
Reflection on the process of replicating the work, and observations on what you learned in the process; how these observations tie into understandings of the historic context and/or enrich an understanding of the object
Take a look at this wonderful video by the librarian Daniel Payne. He offers some research tips for this assignment and even his own re-created artwork. to an external site.)

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