After stating your argument, or thesis, you will spend the rest of the paper dev

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After stating your argument, or thesis, you will spend the rest of the paper developing key points that elaborate on your thesis and support those points with evidence from the story. You will submit a 4 page. Not Counting the References page. (Double Spaced, 12 pt. font, 1’ margins). DO NOT SUMMARIZE OR RESTATE THE EVENTS IN THE STORY. Your audience has read the story. Focus on your interpretation of events in the story as evidence of your thesis (or overall argument). Only briefly paraphrase events of the story that are integral to your argument. Introductions should be about 4-8 sentences for a paper of this length. You should not cite outside sources in the introduction (unless it is for anecdotal reasons); instead, you should focus on establishing the interest of your audience. State your thesis and the points you will make that develop and support that thesis. Usually the thesis statement is at the end of the introduction. Background and Context The paper should then provide the reader with any background or context that is needed to understand your argument and analysis. Background or context may consist of history, psychology, anthropology, sociology, etc. It is important that the background discussion clearly be connected to the thesis you are trying to support. Then body and conclusion. MUST BE WRITTEN IN 3rd person

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