American History

After reading the articles please answer the following questions: -Why did the A

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After reading the articles please answer the following questions:
-Why did the Americans demand “unconditional surrender” from the Japanese? Was it necessary? Why did the Japanese resist this demand?
-Based on the evidence presented in both articles, do you agree with Truman’s decision to drop the bomb on Hiroshima? Did he have any legitimate alternatives? Be sure to support your answers with direct evidence from the articles.
-How does the fact that the Americans underestimated the potential devastation of the Atomic Bomb inform your opinion as to whether the bomb should have been dropped? Explain where this fits in your argument.
-What was the Japanese response to the bombing? What is your opinion of that response?
-When you give an answer or state an opinion, it must be supported by specific examples from the article (quotes, pg#s etc).
-When you use specific examples from the article, whether it be a direct quote or a close paraphrasing, you must use a citation. For this assignment that means a page number in parenthesis right after the quote or paraphrase. Even if you just mention or refer to something in the article, use a page number, it will help stimulate responses, and allow your classmates to see what you are talking about. This includes your responses to your classmates’ submissions.

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