1. Short Answer (discuss your views supported by the readings in a fully-develop

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1. Short Answer (discuss your views supported by the readings in a fully-developed paragraph or two):
You are designing your own syllabus to teach a course in gender studies. What three assigned readings would you consider essential to a student’s gender studies education and why?
Be careful with this question as it is very easy to answer in a superficial way. Don’t just say what readings you liked; instead, explain why these readings are important to understanding gender studies and enacting the goals of a gender studies education. Also, remember to use specific numbered or Canvas readings not just the chapter introductions
2.Essay Question
Answer the following question in an essay. To receive a passing grade, you MUST specifically discuss the required number of assigned readings (numbered articles in your textbook and/or on Canvas- NOT chapter introductions). Make sure you include a thesis and that you discuss the assigned readings in detail, not just refer to them generally.
Push has been called a Dickensian novel, to which Sapphire has responded, “Part of what’s so wrong in this story is that we’re not in a Dickensian era. Those things shouldn’t be happening in a post-industrial society” (Bomb, Fall 1996). She sees the novel as “an indictment of American culture, which is both black and white” (ibid). What aspects of our culture have enabled the inequities described in the novel to develop? In your answer to this question, discuss Push along with at least two other assigned course readings.
3.Extra Credit (2 pts. possible): What is one thing that you think you will always remember from this semester? What is one piece of advice you would give students taking this course next semester?

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