Why Parenting Matters for Children in the 21st Century (Links to an external site.)” by Hannah Ulferts (2020).

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Read the OECD working paper, “Why Parenting Matters for Children in the 21st Century (Links to an external site.)” by Hannah Ulferts (2020). This paper is accessible on Canvas through UBC Library Course Reserves. Watch the episode Relationships (or Love (Links to an external site.) if you do not have direct access to Netflix) from the Netflix documentary Babies. Drawing on the Ulferts (2020) working paper, the documentary, and your own reflection results, write a 3-4 page essay (not including APA formatting such as title page, references and interview data – these are not included in the page limit). The paper should include the following: Introduction: Lays the groundwork for the topic of parent-child relationships by briefly introducing the Ulferts (2020) paper, Babies, and the reflection. Ensure you include a clear thesis statement detailing the purposes of the assignment. Body: Start with a general summary of your reflection and general themes. Then, focus on analyzing aspects of the reflection data using Ulferts (2020) and the Babies Netflix documentary. You may explore such topics as variations in parenting styles, culturally-based parenting, and/or and socialization goals (or other topics you determine). You will consider the developmental and cultural significance of childhood experiences relating to love and parenting. How might culture and personal values impact parenting decisions? Consider how you might integrate, analyze and apply information from the reflection, the Babies documentary series and Ulferts (2020) working paper. Be sure to provide specific examples from the interview and the Babies documentary to support your position.
Conclusion: Consists of a brief summary of the concepts of parent-child relationships relative to the parenting approaches detailed in the Ulferts (2020) paper. Do you see any connection between your responses, your background and/or your parents’ socialization goals? What are your thoughts or opinions regarding the role of culture in shaping parent-child relationships? Connect the essay body to course topics and discussion. Be sure to integrate your impressions from the Babies documentary and Ulferts (2020) as well.

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