Why is it important for managers and organizations to behave ethically

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Submit a professional quality report (something you would be proud of submitting to the CEO of the organization that you have analyzed) with appropriate citations. Please remember that this assignment requires an analysis of the organization Google, rather than regurgitating information about the firm. You should be using the knowledge acquired in the online textbook provided to scrutinize how the organization is currently operating and to provide recommendations for how it can be improved moving forward. ou want to collect relevant data from a multitude of sources including the textbook, the company’s website, news stories, and articles in academic journals, to confirm the veracity of the information gleaned. Copiously cite all sources of information used in your report. Please use APA style rules to place the citations in the text and the corresponding references at the end of the report. ASSIGNMENT:
Answer the questions provided and use the information above to base it on. The organization you will be using is Google.
Question 1. ( Based on Chapter 1 of the textbook)
Read its annual report and determine which kinds of goals, standards, or targets the organization is using to evaluate performance. How well is the organization doing when judged by the criteria of control, innovation, and efficiency?
Question 2. ( Based on Chapter 2 of the textbook)
Why is it important for managers and organizations to behave ethically? Question 3. ( Chapter 2 of the textbook)
Give some examples of how the interests of different stakeholder groups may conflict.
Question 4. (Chapter 2 of the textbook)
What is the role of the top-management team? Each Question Reply is a minimum of 250 words

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