Religion and Theology

What is servant leadership?

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Please create an 18-24 slide PowerPoint presentation intended for a one-hour workshop about servant-leadership. Please cover the following questions/topics:
What is servant leadership?
What are the dimensions/characteristics of servant leadership?
What are the benefits of servant leadership?
How is servant leadership received in different cultures? (Use your Compare-and-Contrast table of 3 cultures against 3 servant-leader dimensions from the Dialogue forum)
Examples (3) of contemporary servant leaders
What type of employee is best suited to work for a servant leader?
The last content slide should be a list of five key resources (popular press/non-scholarly) you recommend for anyone wanting to know more about servant leadership
You may use any PowerPoint presentation template you wish. Use the Notes View section of your presentation to elaborate on the slide’s contents. Please cite your sources using in-text citations on the slides — REPEAT: cite your sources ON THE SLIDES (as opposed to inside Notes View).
TIPS: Please don’t get too carried away with inserting images into your PPT. (I have found that the PPT can become too large and costly to reproduce as a B&W or especially Color handout.) Don’t cram your slides with too much text — the proverbial 3-5 bullets (using not less than 24-pitch font) should be sufficient for your audience to focus on. Your Notes section isn’t a reproduction, per se, of the slide’s text, but rather your “speaker’s notes.” I generally do not read all the text on the slide to my audience, but rather focus on 2-3 of them. Feel free to insert videos from YouTube or other source as appropriate, but please ensure the videos are only 2-3 minutes in length. Finally, PPT is designed to depict graphics primarily vice text. Therefore, if you can insert matrices, tables, charts, and the like (citing the sources, of course) onto your slides your audience will appreciate it. NOTE: While there is no requirement in this course to actually deliver this presentation, I strongly encourage you to consider offering it at the least as a “lunch and learn” or “professional development” event at your workplace, church, or civic group. That way, it will have been “beta tested” before a live audience and thus a valid tool in your consultant’s toolkit.

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