What cumulative or cross-cutting cleavages exist?

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Short Paper / Terrorist Group Analysis:
Feel free to utilize the seven prompts (listed below) as a guideline, if needed.
You may not need to incorporate of all them – this just may assist you in gathering data/information and writing your case analysis/paper
The length of this assignment should be between 5-6 pages of text (double-spaced, APA format), plus any tables, references, etc…
Select an area or issue of interest and conduct a scholarly literature review to gather factual background data supporting your case analysis. You must use minimum of (3) scholarly sources.
What is the history and identity of this group/coalition from its own?
perspective? From the perspective of others in that country and region?
What cumulative or cross-cutting cleavages exist? Have issues of group/coalition membership and/or identity played roles in initiating the violence? If so, how?
What are the main political/social/economic issues involved with the
origin/continuation violence? Structural factors? How has the personality and worldview of major leaders on either side affected the conflict?
Who supports this group/coalition domestically? Internationally? What kind of support is offered?
How has the use of violence affected this group/coalition’s overall agenda / socio-economic status/political future (if applicable, assuming there is some agenda outside of violence)?
How has the violence affected the country domestically? Internationally?
Why does the violence continue? What peace efforts have been made, if any/failed?
What does the future look like for this group/coalition and country, in terms of stability?

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