Religion and Theology

To plead for an agnostic position about god existence

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To plead for an agnostic position about god existence
I also expect a concluding bibliography, at the end of the document, where you list the (and only the) material you refer to in the essay.
Please try to use those two video’s content and link them somehow in the essay

pick also from those sources too for referencing
Clack, Beverley, och Brian R. Clack (2019). The Philosophy of religion: A Critical Introduction (3:e uppl.). Polity Press. ISBN: 9781509516933. (Kap. 13, ca 110 s.)
Dawkins, Richard (2006). The God Delusion. Black Swan (Penguin Random House). ISBN: 9781784161927. Finns i många olika utgåvor och även i svensk översättning. (Kap. 2—4, ca 130 s.)
Nagasawa, Yujin (2010). The Existence of god: A Philosophical Introduction. Routledge. ISBN: 978-0415465892. (208 s.) Finns att låna som E-bok via Lunds universitetsbibliotek.
Peterson, Michael, och Michael Ruse (2016). Science, Evolution, and Religion:
A Debate about Atheism and Theism. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780199379378. (288 s.)
Kompendium med kompletterande texter av bl.a. David Hume, Bertrand
Russell, Ingemar Hedenius, John Lennox och William Craig. (Ca 200 s.)

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