The Triggers of Mental Health Conditions

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The Triggers of Mental Health Conditions
One morning, on May 24, 2022 a little girl woke up not knowing it would be her last day here on this earth. She awoke looking forward to her final days in school, and that summer break would eventually occur. Her name was Annabelle Rodriguez, Annabelle loved being in a school environment. What had transpired later on during her school day would go down in the state of Texas history as tragic. It would affect the United States of America on how we view Mental Health and gun laws.
Classrooms at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas had gone back to their normal routines after the award ceremony. It was not until a young man with a mental health crisis by the name of Salvador Ramons entered the school and made way into Annabelle’s classroom with an assault weapon (AR Rifle) and began to shoot up the classroom. A day of celebration turned into a day of no more for these young kids. Annabelle would be among the majority of her fellow classmates to not return home to her family alive and well. She took her final breath in that classroom without her family by her side.
Salvador Ramos a young man, but old enough to know right from wrong made a premeditated decision to not only shoot up this school, he also shot his own grandmother right before he drove to the nearest school. He clearly had some issues (a hateful individual), with a mental health problem… and should have not had access to an assault rifle let alone any type of handgun. Such a tragedy, to know that a high school dropout that still could have had an opportunity to accomplish much in his young adult life chose to kill young innocent children, and for that reason his life ended there with them because he became a threat to society.
For this reason, I believe we as a society need to take “Mental Health” seriously especially if there are warning signs in an individual. Yes I do believe in the 2 Amendment (A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed), as U.S. citizens however to a certain extent. I do believe those with a mental health condition do not need access to any type of handguns.
There have been too many shootings as of recently, clearly it was someone that had shown signs of a mental health crisis. A more thorough background check needs to be in place (and some kind of mental health testing form should be submitted from a doctor to those seeking to buy handguns), family members and friends also need to pay attention to any warning signs their loved ones may be displaying. It was said over a news station that Ramos had messaged a long distance friend and told her he would shoot up a school through a text message. We may not be able to address all of the mass shootings that we are faced with, however there can be precautions set out in place to help future generations of America.
I must say that choosing a touchy topic that is prevalent in our society today and for over the past 2 decades… and to be able to conduct a survey questionnaire was an eye-opening experience. Having others input on this topic brought forth new light to this issue. I surveyed ten Cerritos College students. I brought up the concerns for the mental health crisis this nation faces along with recent mass shootings. My topic is on if those suffering with a mental health condition should be able to have easy access to weapons, such as hand guns. An individual’s Second Amendment right (the right to bear arms) is bringing an epidemic of mass shootings in the United States. Since citizens are entitled to their Second Amendment rights and with every State having different rules and regulations (such as restrictions or being more lenient) to own a handgun.
Today our society is faced with mass shootings, and a mental health crisis. What person in their right mind would shoot up an elementary school (Ulvade, Texas)? Then fast forward to the fourth of July of this year, an Independence day Parade in Highland Park, Illinois… The question then leads to why do people with mental health conditions have access to weapons such as handguns? And what can we do to solve this issue.
My internet research confirmed that there is evidence to this issue. These mass shootings and mental health… Experts say, “…In 2021 alone a designated sixty-one incident as active shooter events” (F.B.I., ABC News 5). As we turn on the television we see it all too often, and it has become a major issue for our country.

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