The Global Water Crisis

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The Research Essay is to be submitted separately for the first publish and final publish whereas the first publish should be submitted first then the instructor would give feedback on what to work on/edit/revise on the first output then which should be applied to the final publish.
The sources are given together with the assignment which are 4 articles on different websites. I chose to use just 3 sources. You can go and use the sources using the URL on each document attached. The 3 documents uploaded here are assignments I made for the research notes from the sources but I doubt if they could be useful for you so feel free to check out the websites.
Research Essay Instructions: The final product of this assignment is a persuasive research essay approximately 1000 words long (5 paragraphs, approx 4 pages). Be sure to follow MLA guidelines when using and citing material borrowed from sources (whether paraphrased or quoted), constructing your works cited page, and formatting your essay.
Essay Topic: The Global Water Crisis (Note: All 070 students will write on the same topic)
Developing your essay will start with building a thesis statement (a main idea with a stance). Start by considering these questions: What is the global water crisis and what are its consequences? What can be done, and is being done, about it?
Details: This assignment is a persuasive essay that includes some information and quotes from outside sources (see document with sources below), so a clear thesis statement must be located at the end of the first paragraph (introduction). Each of the 3 body paragraphs will explain a key point in support of your thesis, which will be identified in a topic sentence at the start of each body paragraph. In some of your body paragraphs, include a paraphrase, statistic, and/or quote from at least one of the authoritative sources you’ll refer to in this research essay. Please ensure that any paraphrases have been completely rewritten into your own words and phrases–and that they are properly referenced with MLA style in-text citations and a corresponding works cited entry. (Skipping any portion of the source citation would be considered plagiarism.) Please also ensure that all quotes are contained within quotation marks and that they are identical to the wording of the source, that the quotes have been properly referenced with MLA style in-text citations and a corresponding works cited entry, that you have introduced each quote and explained how each quote is connected to the point you’re trying to make. (Altogether, your essay should contain 2-3 short quotes, 2-3 properly referenced paraphrases, and lots of your own ideas and analysis, all in support of your thesis.) Your final paragraph of the essay will start with a restatement of your thesis (using slightly different words from the thesis statement in your introduction) and will end with a “big picture” thought or idea, such as a reminder of the importance of the topic, a call for action, or another memorable thought.
The works cited page should be located on a separate page within the same document as the essay. Everything on the works cited page should be double-spaced (like the rest of your essay), and the entries on the works cited page should be formatted using a “hanging indentation” style, which is explained very nicely in this video:

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