Raw Score Conversions” and “Raw Score Conversion Worksheets and Expectancy Tables.

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Assignment 3
Readings: We are still focused on Chapters 4 and 5 of Salvia et al. (2017). You will also read Chapter 7.
Activity 1: Norm-Referenced Assessment (Application: Raw Score Conversion)
See attachments “Raw Score Conversions” and “Raw Score Conversion Worksheets and Expectancy Tables.”
Activity 2: Norm-Referenced Assessment (Application: Reading Score Reports, Interpreting Test Scores)
See attachment “KTEA-3–Partial Score Report.” Follow directions on page 5.
Activity 3: Confidence Interval and Standard Error of Measurement
See attachment.
Activity 4: Briefly respond to the following questions/prompts based on Chapter 7 (Chapter Recall).
Why is the topic of test accommodations for students with disabilities an important one?
Describe at least four factors to be considered when deciding whether test changes are necessary and the type of changes that may be appropriate.
Identify and provide examples of four types of testing accommodations. Next, explain the differences across three categories of testing accommodations and provide examples of each.
What are some guidelines to use in making decisions about which accommodations to provide when making (a) eligibility decisions and (b) accountability decisions

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