quality control of the testing process.

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The topic for this discussion is quality control of the testing process. is a wealth of information on QC practices. Start with this lesson: Westgard Lesson 11 – website
You may review as many others as look interesting and help with this thread. Please at minimum look at this lesson as well: Westgard Lesson 74 – website
Be prepared to discuss the use, purpose, and evaluation of Westguard Rules along with an interpretation of histogram results. What are the Westguard Rules and how should they be used to assess quality control results? What are the various types of preanalytical, analytical and post-analytical sources of error and how can these potentials for error be reduced? What responsibility do lab managers have in ensuring the quality of testing results and what are some quality processes that should be implemented? Links to an online evaluation of quality control and proficiency testing programs are encouraged.

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