Maternal mortality

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Topic & Country Selection: Choose a topic from below:
1. Primary education
2. Child mortality
3. Maternal mortality
4. Unintentional injuries
5. Non-communicable/Chronic diseases (focus on a specific disease)
6. Aging and health
7. Communicable diseases (Focus on a specific disease; I recommend you focus
on COVID-19)
8. Environmental health (focus on one aspect of environmental health)
9. Culture and health
10. Nutrition (focus on one aspect of nutrition)
11. Mental health
12. Foreign aid and health
13. Climate change and health
14. Natural Disasters.
Then, choose two (either from a list of low-income or lower middle-income
economies) countries, one from South Asia and another from Sub-Saharan
Africa, as specified by the World Bank ).
Paper format: Write a 2-3 page single spaced paper (excluding reference section)
analyzing the issue addressing the areas stated below. Post (do not attach but copy
and paste the paper in the message section) The following areas should be addressed in
your paper:
I. Provide a captivating title. Then the first paragraph should be the abstract of
the paper between 150 and 250 words and 5-7 key words.
II. Reasons to choose the issue to write about. Why the issue is important? (Do
not write in a first person note, it should be in a third person note). What
have others written about the issue to support it as being an important issue
(Paper should include only the articles/books/any resources you read firsthand)?
III. Identify demographic, social, and economic indicators of the two countries
you selected and the United States (current information)
IV. Discuss the key nature and the magnitude of the issue in the low-income
countries you selected. a. Who/how it is affected by it?
b. What are the risk factors for the issue/problem?
c. What are the health, economic, and social consequences of the problem
(also discuss the links between the issue you selected with social and
economic development)
d. What few priority steps do you recommend be taken to address the
problems in cost-effective ways for the issue.
e. What is your rationale for these recommendations. Use literature (intext citations) to support your answer.
f. Discuss (compare and contrast with US, where possible) briefly the
health care system in the countries you selected specifically focusing
on your selected topic/issue/problem.
Discuss U.S. global health policy (if U.S. is involved in the countries you
selected) and the role of the international community (Governments/NonGovernment Organizations/private sector) in addressing the issue in the
countries you selected. Which intervention programs were effective and which
were not in addressing the issue you selected? Do you think the health
intervention experiences from the countries you chose can be replicated to
other low-income countries/regions of the world? Why or why not? What
difficulties would one expect to encounter in proposing solutions to the
particular health issues.
VI. Resources and format: Paper must follow APA or MLA paper format. Format
should be consistent, either APA or MLA. For details see for APA and Students need to
include references and citations of a minimum (there is no maximum limit) of
five articles written in the past five years from professional journals (peer
reviewed) and two reputable web sites related to their issue of interest.
Writing style should be clear, organized, and carefully edited.

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