In what ways was Reconstruction a success? In what ways was Reconstruction a failure?

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Reconstruction Assignment Instructions:
For this assignment, you need to read McGerr chapter 15, and the articles by Eric Foner, Kerry Leigh Merritt, Heather Andrea Williams, and Michael Snay, and the documents found under the header Reconstruction Assignment Articles and Documents. Once you have read all parts of the assignment, you will address the questions below in the assignment. The assignment must be 27-30 sentences using specific examples from the McGerr chapter and two of the articles (more than one example) AND the primary sources (more than one) per question. Limit the use of quotations to one per paragraph, limited to two lines of text. Be sure to provide proper citations for materials used, as you have done for all writing assignments.
I will deduct points from any assignment that does not meet the criteria. This assignment will be posted to the Reconstruction Assignment link.
Each assignment should have a 1″ margin, be left-justified, in 12 point Times New Roman font, and double spaced.
In what ways was Reconstruction a success? In what ways was Reconstruction a failure? I suggest that you develop 2-3 specific examples per part (remember that you must provide examples from the Young text, more than one example from two of the articles, and two or more documents, per question).
Remember that this is not an essay, so an introduction and conclusion is not needed. The best way to organize the assignment is in two paragraphs, one which addresses the first question and the other that addresses the second question. I am not asking for a quote from each article or document, but for you to be able to summarize and paraphrasefrom those sources and to limit the use of a quote to one per paragraph.
Using paraphrase and summary is the best way to explain things without using quotes. So, you can still mention the same kinds of examples, just using your own words instead to explain those ideas.
For instance, if one was going to talk about a document like George Washington’s speech from 1794, one could mention that he spoke at length on the need for a standing militia to be able to address issues like the rebellion in Western Pennsylvania, which speaks to a key point he made in the speech without using a direct quote (par. 9, 10). That could be followed by another point that Washington expressed concern about the safety of tax collectors who had to leave their homes in fear for their lives because of rebel actions in Western Pennsylvania (par. 4). Finally, that third key point could use a quote that says that Washington ordered troops to Western Pennsylvania to restore order and to “persevere in their affectionate vigilance over that precious depository of American happiness, the constitution of the United States.” (par. 15).
Each assignment should have a 1″ margin, be left-justified, in 12 point Times New Roman font, and double spaced.
For this assignment proper citation would be something like this:
According to Frederick Douglass,…. (par. 4)
According to Eric Foner…. (par 12)
According to Michael McGerr, Reconstruction resulted in …… (p. 485).
Constructing your examples this way ensures that the reader knows that it is a specific example and knows exactly from where that material is drawn. Points will be deducted for not properly citing your paraphrased, quoted, or summarized material.
Limit the use of quoted material in your essay. No long quotations, which are more than two lines. I am interested in what you are able to get out of the material and not that you can drop a quote into a paragraph. If you use a quote, use one short quote per paragraph. Paragraphs that string together a series of quotes are not acceptable. If you are using multiple examples from different sources in your paragraph, you will need to choose your quotes carefully and paraphrase other material.

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