How have social media and globalization impacted mental health?

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How have social media and globalization impacted mental health?
Step 1: Explain how social media and the internet have impacted the mental health of individuals as it pertains to a specific disorder (pick one from this module). For example: hoarding, body dysmorphic disorder, or OCD. (You may choose any disorder from the module and are not limited to the three listed here.) Citing research that supports your claims, be sure to give specific details about the disorder and the influence of globalization and social media on the mental health condition for the individual experiencing the disorder.
Step 2: In what ways do the operators of these media platforms have an obligation – or a right – to filter any of the content?
Step 3: Reply to a peer by asking questions, providing an alternative viewpoint, or otherwise furthering scholarly discussion. (Please refer to protocol for more specifics on replies.)
Be sure to maintain active conversations – answer questions asked of you by your instructor and peers. Follow-up on conversations. Maintenance is part of your discussion grade (see rubric).

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