Contemporary Social Problems

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SOCI 3112: Contemporary Social Problems
Project Outline
This paper should be written in Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri at a
12pt font. You will have a 1” margin for all pages. Each section will have a
bold heading with a period, just like this section. You will have one cover
page, a maximum of 4 pages for writing your social problem paper, and one – two
pages for your references. You will create a cover page, with information
centered vertically and horizontally; with your name, the topic of your paper,
this course name, and the semester; see example below.
Students in Public Schools
SOCI 3112:
Contemporary Social Problems
Summer 2021
Paper Sections. You will write you own case study synopsis.
Just as we went through the components of a social problem this semester, you
will do the same for a specific social problem of your choosing. Below I have
outlined these sections, you may expand past the questions I ask, but you are
firmly limited to your pages.
Claim. Identify
the social problem you plan to discuss. Must be within the last 7 years. You
will need to confirm there are ample articles published to help with your
references. Not all articles will come from peer reviewed sources, as this
should be a public and well published issue.
and Experts. Who are these people? What role are they playing in
contributing and claimsmakers? As lay people? Identify the role they are
playing in growing awareness in the claim.
Media and
Claims. What claims are the media making? How many perspectives are
being shared? Are they political? Do they have a large carrying capacity? What
secondary claims are being made? How is the original claim being presented?
Remember to pay attention to the formats that were used and the role those may
have played in audience segmenting. You should have at least 4 references to
different perspectives here.
Reaction. This is going to be hard to judge objectively if you have
chosen a claim not central to your own physical space. However, do your best to
use information published to share what the reactions have been; boycotts,
rallies, speeches, articles, polling, and other methods you have learned for
understanding, witnessing, or evaluating the public reaction to a claim.
Policy Making
& Outcomes. Not all of you will pick problems that will have
policy written since the claim was shared, however, there may be policy in
process or in the process of judicial probe or process to change. Summary. Using the
skills you have learned in this class, what are your thoughts on the process
this problem has taken? What caveats have you noticed or discovered? Notes:
· If you have a question, please double check I did not
already answer it, then ask it!
· You are not limited to only the questions I have asked
in each section.
· If I do not specifically ask for a reference in a
section, but one is warranted, you should follow good practice.
· This should be something you are interested in.
· You may use
ASA, APA or MLA formatting for citation and referencing. You MUST tell me in
the notes when you turn in your paper what you have used, or I will assume you
have used ASA.

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