Canada won the War of 1812 against the USA

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1) Analyse the following statement in the ways given below:
“Canada won the War of 1812 against the USA.”
Do research and cite the sources in your answers. Honor academic integrity & do your own work.
A) List as many things as you can to identify what is wrong with the given claim. Number these for each instance.
B) What possible biases might be present in someone issuing forth this statement?
C) Give an explanation using cited sources as to what nation won the War of 1812.
Make sure to label each part 1A) – 1C).
A) Give a cogent argument by giving as many reasons, and citing sources, as you can to conclude that a specific film that you like is a great film; do not give an argumentative essay on a so-called so-bad-it-is-good film as being a great film.
B) Briefly explain the plot of the film.
C) Give examples of aspects, acting, or scenes in the film that illustrate a main premise (reason) that you gave in answer to Question #2 part A .
Make sure to label each part of your essay answers 2A) – 2C).

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