Anxiety Disorders

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For this assignment, you will explore research and theories from your book that are considered to be significant in shaping our thinking and understanding of psychological disorders. You will research your topic and create an infographic highlighting the key ideas and most important or interesting information.
Imagine the Infographic will be used in an initiative to help educate students about psychological disorders on campus.
You must use two scholarly sources and cite those sources in APA format directly on the infographic.
You will use
(Links to an external site.)
to create a free account and construct the infographic. Canva provides free tools and you may upload images and information into Canva
Make sure your infographic reflects accurate and clear information about your topic. An infographic uses sparse text, visual organization and images to give a general overview of a topic. Your audience is a student who is not familiar with this theory or research.
The infographic should be submitted as a jpeg or pdf.
Topic of choice:
Anxiety Disorders

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