acne medication among teenagers

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Research and Reflect
Choose one of the discussion prompts below to research and write about. Please make sure you copy the topic as a title at the top of your post so we know what you are writing about. · Is it ethical to use fear appeals to increase demand for personal care products such as the following? (e.g. acne medication among teenagers, dandruff-control shampoos among adults, emergency response devices among elderly consumers, weight-loss supplements for young adults)
· Name two appropriate and two inappropriate celebrity spokespersons (current or past). Justify your selection and explain any marketing implications.
· Suppose you wanted to form highly negative attitudes toward binge drinking among college students. Which attitude component would you focus on and why? Which message characteristic would you use and why? What type of appeal(s) would you use and why?
· Find an advertisement to exemplify each type of attitude component. Describe each in detail using terminology from the chapter.

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