Marketing : Marketing

Write a marketing plan on Starbucks. Create a marketing plan on a new product th

Write a marketing plan on Starbucks. Create a marketing plan on a new product that this company is introducing.
Specify the Marketing Implementation and Evaluation & Control

History : History

For each reading, 1. Give a BRIEF (1-2 sentences) idea of what each text is abo

For each reading,
1. Give a BRIEF (1-2 sentences) idea of what each text is about. What is the main argument of each text? Following that, identify what you think the purpose of reading the text(s) is –that is, what is its significance in the larger context of what we are focusing on in class? Discuss what conclusions you came to and how you did so.
2. When you take note of something in the text as interesting or surprising, start to draw specific conclusions or implications. Remember that discussion is a space to explore possibilities rather than to have fully formed thoughts or well-supported arguments, as in a paper.
Try not to raise something in the text by just saying, “I thought it was interesting that…” Consider why the passage or example is significant, or what it reveals or implies about history (for example, “I think this passage was really interesting because etc etc”).
3. Some questions to consider: What are the central themes and arguments? What are your differing interpretations? What questions did the readings raise for you? What evidence does the author use to arrive at their conclusions? Is their argument convincing? How does this text change the way you think about the topic, or history? For example, what becomes central? What is missing from this study, and how does this affect the author’s analysis? Why is what you learned from this text significant to you?
4. How do these texts connect to each other (either similarly or differently); where or how do they intersect, etc?
5. Develop 2-3 questions that you would like for the class to discuss. Try to make these ‘why’ or ‘how’ questions.
*Remember: You are not summarizing any of the readings. Rather, you are “extracting” the most important ideas, themes, or questions you believe they offer.
For the Campbell text, read chapter 2 ONLY.
Do not use any external sources.
Approx 300+ words for each reading.

Psychology and Education : Psychology

Respond to posting “Americans are intrigued by celebrity life. We follow the in

Respond to posting
“Americans are intrigued by celebrity life. We follow the intimate details of celebrity lives, including the most mundane events. Grazian explains that celebrity life is an opportunity for “public reflection.” Explain what he means by this. Your explanation should be rich with original examples.
In this lovely world we have those people that we all want to be and try our hardest to mock or copy what they do to be like them, dress like them and many more. They in a matter of speaking are celebrities and celebrities can range from fashion moguls, musicians, actors/actresses and even influencers. Social media is a major platform for all discoveries that can be made about these celebrities which gets us non celebrities talking about them and keeping them very relevant. That is the goal correct? To stay relevant. A celebrity that is not relevant is not making money and is at risk of being overshadowed and forgotten for the time being. In the reading it states that “We compete against our friends and acquaintances for status and prestige; internalize group-generated cultural attitudes, orientations, and tastes; and allow our comfort among our most intimate allies to inform our sense of well-being” (Grazian, 2017). Now when you think about what they are saying here nit is almost like we live in a world like the hunger games based off of status and entitlement, but we do, don’t we? Social media platforms gives celebrities and many more the platform to influence the outside people to dress how they dress, be how they be and do what they do. We are all competing against each other to get to be just like them. When Grazian uses the word public reflection, he is stating that whether they are celebrities living a different life they are still the same as non celebrities just living in the public eye airing out all their business for everyone to see instead of doing it in the care of your own privacy. ” Our constantly changing situational contexts—and the people we expect to find there—ultimately determine the specific selves we choose to publicly present to the world at any given moment in time” (Grazian, 2017).”
Grazian, D. (2017). Mix It Up: Popular Culture, Mass Media, and Society (2nd ed.). W. W. Norton.

Computer science : Cybersecurity

What do you believe is the principal threat to United States security? Discuss a

What do you believe is the principal threat to United States security?
Discuss anything you feel is a threat to our economy, way of life status, as a superpower/world
leader, or something else. How should we protect ourselves?
I have chosen Cyber Security and would like to expound on this topic

Psychology and Education : Psychology

Your paper will be based on the autobiography by Elyn Saks, ‘The Center Cannot H

Your paper will be based on the autobiography by Elyn Saks, ‘The Center Cannot Hold’ (2007). In your paper (APA format, 12 point Times
New Roman font, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 8 pages maximum), you will write about a character that appeared in the book, and
discuss his/her disorder. Specifically, you will address the following questions/issues using specific examples from the book and key
references from class, the course text, or other resources to illustrate your arguments.
*Title page and references are not included in the page limit. Pages beyond the limit will not be evaluated.

1) Describe the character you will be writing about. (15 points)
Provide a brief summary of this person in terms of:
• Basic demographics (race, age, sex, etc.)
• Relevant developmental history (e.g., family of origin, education, employment, key relationships, stressors)

2) What is the diagnosis of the character?  (25 points)
• Be sure to address how each criterion for the disorder (or disorders) based on DSM-5 is (or is not) met. 
• If the text does not provide enough information to evaluate a particular criterion, please note the absence of specific
examples for that criterion in your write-up. 
• If the person has multiple disorders, you can diagnose all that apply to her/him, but you should focus on the most
pronounced disorder for the rest of the paper.
• Reference any biological or social factors that may be relevant to the person’s diagnosis. 

3) Discuss the etiology of the disorder(s). (30 points)
• Describe possible causes (i.e., etiology) of the person’s disorder drawing from at least 2 of the overarching perspectives
you have learned about in class. 
§ Biological
§ Psychological (includes psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, humanistic, etc.)
§ Family systems
§ Behavioral
§ Cognitive

4) What is your reaction to the book? (20 points)
• How has reading this autobiography affected you? 
• How might this autobiography affect someone who has just been diagnosed with the same disorder? 

5) Write clearly, organize your paper effectively, proofread carefully, and cite references in APA format. (10 points)

Social Sciences : Social Work (MSW)

It is sometimes argued that “the way in which persons define a problem influence

It is sometimes argued that “the way in which persons define a problem influences how they proceed to solve or address it.”  Discuss this statement as it applies to a current social problem. How is the problem defined by the media? by politicians? by advocates?
To receive full credit make sure to include 2-3 strong paragraphs and use references to strengthen your work.

Social Sciences : Sociology

Watch this video and respond to these questions We are all familiar with patrio

Watch this video and respond to these questions
We are all familiar with patriotic symbols of our culture. The U.S. flag, singing the anthem at football games, crossing the heart during the pledge of allegiance are patriotic acts that reflect both material and non-material culture. Identify at least three other ways patriotism is demonstrated in our culture, provide a description as to why these are symbols of patriotism, and describe them as either material or non-material. (Minimum 200 words.)
We discussed in a previous module the power of the media to influence our culture. Consider these patriotic symbols – could these symbols be considered as a form of influence from the government? Why? Why not? (Minimum 100 words.)
What governments around the world would you think are highly motivated to use patriotic symbols and media influence to effect the opinions of the citizens of that county? Provide at least three examples and describe why these countries are using such influences.
Examine the difference between material and non-material culture in your world. Identify 10 objects that are a part of your regular cultural experience. For each object, identify what aspects of material and non-material culture (values and beliefs) that these objects represent. (Minimum 250 words.)
What has this exercise revealed to you about your culture? (Minimum 150 words).

Economics : Economics

Section I. 1. Explain how the price of money is set in the US economy. Provide e

Section I.
1. Explain how the price of money is set in the US economy. Provide examples of participants and their role on setting the price for money.
(10 marks)
2. You are given the following demand and supply schedule from the book orders for 10-year
US Treasuries on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange:
      Yield to Maturity
Demand in thousand
Supply in thousand
    Sketch the supply and demand curves (with a Word/Excel chart or by hand and then take/insert a photograph) including the units for the axes.
Determine graphically and arithmetically the equilibrium point. (5 marks)
-Now, imagine that a monetary tightening from the central bank (FED) happens. What would
be the expected effect on the book orders? (5 marks).
This action from the FED reduces quantities by 20 thousand. What’s the new equilibrium point? Graph the shift in the curve and represent the new equilibrium point. (10 marks).
(Total: 20 marks)
3. What are the characteristics of unitary price elasticity of demand? Explain for the supply and demand curves. Provide an example of good or service for each (10 marks)
  4. Calculate the following elasticities:
Price: $100 decreases to $90
Quantity: 100 increases to 120.
Explain the category of elasticity of this good.
Price: $1 increase to $1.10
Quantity: 200 decreases to 180.
Explain the category of elasticity of this good.
Price: $1 increase to $1.50
Quantity: remains at 1000.
Explain the category of elasticity of this good. (10 marks)
Section II.
  1. Study the US stock market. Is there a link between the supply and demand of money on its performance for the year 2022?
Answer this question like an essay with an introduction and a conclusion and 2/3 sections in between. Use 10 unique professional/academic references.
Tips: Focus on the market and do not write too much about each participant. Include charts of a selected index (e.g., SnP500, DJIA, Nasdaq100, …) and illustrate the potential correlation. (25 marks)
2. Explain how a firm can decide the optimal quantity to produce. Using charts provided in class explain which the costs and revenue are used and explain the different stages.
Tips: Introduction and conclusion are not needed but you need to explain each stage and the meaning/use of each curve. (15 marks)

History : History

Final Research Paper Questions & Guidelines —Spring 2023 Final Research Paper NE

Final Research Paper Questions & Guidelines —Spring 2023
Final Research Paper NEEDS to include the following:
(1) 3-4 FULL pages, typed, double spaced, w/ full name, class name, time AND date) (2) use Times New Roman font 12 or comparable ONLY
(3) At Least 6 Sources***: (NEED @ LEAST 2 that are NOT a classroom source!!)
classroom sources:
Corbett’s US History (PDF) & “Terrance Roberts Essay” (PDF) Locke’s, The American Yawp Lecture material
Embedded Weekly Videos
another online textbook
Outside the class
Any legitimate website
Books & periodicals
◊ In-text citations or Footnotes/Endnotes will suffice
◊ It is common to cite sources 3-4 times per each full paged typed
◊ NOTE…if you do NOT cite, you will receive NO HIGHER than a 65% on the paper!!! (4) Page #s
(7) NEED A BIBLIOGRAPHY for ALL sources (both classroom and outside)
–NEEDLESS to say, this page does NOT count twd the 3-4 full page requirement ALL essays will be graded with a generic rubric
Any Questions or concerns:
Final Research Papers
****Some students have inquired about the amount and type of sources required for the final research essay.
Please have at least 6 sources. 2 NEED to be books or periodicals that are NOT classroom sources…ie., Lee or Cobbs. You can use them (if they apply to your topic) but you’d also need 2 more books/periodicals that are not class required. I hope that helps to clarify a bit.
        PLEASE NOTE:
  ◊ ALL citations NEED TO BE BOLD in order to get full credit for them
1. What were the causes and major battles of the Spanish American War and how did they directly affect the duration and outcome of the War? (Discussing: the USS Maine Explosion, Battle of San Juan Hill and Manila are mandatory!!)***

Social Sciences : Sociology

Instructions This written assignment has several steps: Define a question about

This written assignment has several steps:
Define a question about aging that interests you. Make sure that your question includes the identification of a specific group under study (e.g. older African Americans, deaf or hard of hearing individuals) and a particular aspect of aging (for example housing, finances, volunteering, transportation).
Find 3 scholarly articles that address your question. Review Massey University’s Identifying Academic Sources if you are not sure if a source is academic.
Submit a descriptive annotated bibliography using APA style, This University of Maryland page, How to Write an Annotated Bibliography, provides you with information about the information that is necessary for a descriptive annotation.
Examples of APA format:
For a book, with one author:
Baddeley, A. D. (1999). Essentials of human memory. Hove, England: Psychology Press.

For a book with two or more authors:
Beck, C. A. J., & Sales, B. D. (2001). Family mediation: Facts, myths, and future prospects. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

For a journal article:
Saywitz, K. J., Mannarion, A. P., Berliner, L., & Cohen, J. A. (2000). Treatment for sexually abused children and adolescents. American Psychologist, 55, 1040-1049.

Article from an Internet journal:
Fredrickson, B. L. (2000, March 7). Cultivating positive emotions to optimize health and well-being. Prevention & Treatment, 3, Article 0001a. Retrieved November 20, 2000, from:

Regular web page from Internet:
Chou, L., McClintock, R., Moretti, F., & Nix, D. H. (1993). Technology and education: New wine in new bottles: Choosing pasts and imagining educational futures. Retrieved August 24, 2000, from Columbia University, Institute for Learning Technologies website:
You can get additional information regarding APA style and annotated bibliography from Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL).